The get-updates operation is used to show list of available Plesk updates. In Plesk for Unix this operation retrieves the current release if there are no updates.

Request Packet

A request XML packet retrieving Plesk updates includes the get-updates operation node:

<packet version="">

image 40210

Note: The interactive schema navigator for all request packets is available here:

The get-updates node is required. Data type: none.

Response Packet Structure

The get-updates node of the output XML packet is presented by type UpdaterGetUpdatesOutputType (updater.xsd) and structured as follows:

image 40212

Note: The interactive schema navigator for all response packets is available here:

  • The result node is required. It wraps the response retrieved from the server. Data type: resultType (common.xsd).

  • The status node is required. It specifies the execution status of the operation. Data type: string. Allowed values: ok | error.

  • The errcode node is optional. Is returns the error code if the get-updates operation fails. Data type: integer.

  • The errtext node is optional. It returns the error message if the get-updates operation fails. Data type: string.

  • The update node is optional. It holds available Plesk updates. Data type: UpdateType (updater.xsd).

    image 40218

    If the update node is present in the response packet, the following nodes are required:

    • The id node specifies the update ID. Data type: string.
    • The action node specifies what to do with the update. If the update is not installed, the action will be equal to install. If it was installed, but some components have changed since that moment, the action node will be equal to update. The unknown value is reserved for actions that are not supported in the current version of the protocol. The up2day value marks current Plesk release in Plesk for Unix. If the action value is upgrade, you can upgrade to the next major version. Data type: string. Allowed values: install (in Plesk for Unix only) | update | upgrade | up2date | unknown.
    • The description node holds a brief description of the update. Data type: string.


This request retrieves Plesk updates :

<packet version="">

Response (for Unix):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<packet version="">
          <description>Plesk 8.1.1</description>