Available Applications

The packages node defines the applications that are available in the service plan if the application filter is switched on. This type is structured as follows:


  • The package node contains information about a particular application. It is specified by the complex type APSIdentifierType (aps.xsd). It includes the following nodes:
    • name, required. Specifies the application package name. Data type: string.
    • version, optional. Specifies the application version.Data type: string.
    • release, optional. Specifies the package release.Data type: string.
    • vendor, optional. Specifies the application vendor. Data type: string.
    • packager, optional. Specifies the application packager. Data type: string.
    • is_uploaded, optional. Specifies whether a package is uploaded to the server manually by the Administrator (not from Application Catalog). Data type: string.
    • is_visible, optional. Specifies if a package is visible to customers and resellers. Data type: string.
    • description, optional. Specifies the package description. Data type: string.
    • global_settings_not_set, optional. Specifies whether the application has global settings that require configuration. Data type: string.

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