Managing Sites (Domains)

Operator: <site>. Deprecated in XML-RPC protocol version.

XML Schema: site.xsd

Plesk version: the Panel 10

API RPC version: and higher

Plesk user: Administrator, Customer


A hosting subscription can have one or more websites. A website or simply a site is a collection of related web pages, images, videos, and other files that are accessible by a common domain name. With this operator, you can create new sites, adjust their settings (security, web scripting, DNS, etc.), change hosting type, and perform other operations on sites.

Supported operations


  • ADD creates a site
  • GET retrieves site settings
  • SET updates site settings
  • DEL removes the specified alias from the site
  • CFORM_BUTTONS_LIST retrieves the list of custom buttons associated with given sites
  • GET_TRAFFIC retrieves information on traffic spent by the sites between two dates
  • SET_TRAFFIC sets information on traffic spent by the specified sites
  • GET-PHYSICAL-HOSTING-DESCRIPTOR retrieves descriptor of hosting settings

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