The gen_setup node is used in the set request packets to set the general information for the specified sites. It is defined by data type setSiteGenSetupType (site.xsd). This node is structured as follows:

image 76186

  • The status, optional

    It is used to set the current status of the specified site. Data type: objectStatus (plesk_common.xsd). Allowed values: 0 (active) | 8 (web service for the site is suspended by Administrator) | 16 (disabled by the Administrator) | 32 (disabled by Reseller) | 64 (disabled by a customer).

  • The name, optional

    It is used to modify the site name. Data type: string.

  • The guid, optional

    If specified, the new GUID is assigned to the site. For details on GUIDs, refer to the GUIDs Overview section. Data type: boolean.

  •  The description, optional

    It specifies a description for the site. Data type: string.

  • turn-off-action, optional

    If you want to disable a site by setting a corresponding status node value (8, 16, 32, 64, or 256), this node is used to additionally specify if a site should be disabled or suspended. If the status value is 0 (active), this node is ignored. Data type: string. Allowed values: disable, suspend.

The following packet demonstrates how the general information can be set:

    <description>My website</description>