Plesk for Linux/Unix command-line utilities enable Plesk administrators to manage the Plesk server and its configuration, reseller and customer accounts, websites, and various services. The utilities can be used for integration of third-party products with Plesk and for routine management of Plesk servers by system administrators.

This chapter describes in detail the commands and options currently available for the command-line utilities. Each command and option is accompanied by a description and a usage example.

Typographical Conventions

The following kinds of formatting in the text identify special information.

Formatting convention Type of Information Example
Special Bold Items you must select, such as menu options, command buttons, or items in a list. Go to the QoS tab.
  Titles of chapters, sections, and subsections. Read the Basic Administration chapter.
Italics Used to emphasize the importance of a point, to introduce a term or to designate a command line placeholder, which is to be replaced with a real name or value.

These are the so-called shared VPSs.

msiexec /i <name of the aforementioned *.msi file or GUID>

Monospace The names of style sheet selectors, files and directories, and CSS fragments. Install Plesk to the "c:\plesk bin" directory.


On-screen computer output in your command-line sessions; logs; source code in XML, C++, or other programming s.

05:31:49 Success. Admin John Smith was added.

Preformatted Bold

What you type, contrasted with on-screen computer output.

>cd %plesk_bin%