Plesk provides ISO-images for CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems configured to automatically install Plesk. These ISO-images can be downloaded here:

Plesk 17 ISO-images

For instructions on how to install a virtual server from an ISO-image, see the corresponding virtualization system documentation.

How it works

The process of installing an operating system and Plesk from an ISO-image consists of the following stages:

  1. User configures the virtual server parameters and launches the installation from an ISO-image,
  2. User provides the usual input for the OS installation,
  3. The OS is installed on the virtual server and is restarted,
  4. Plesk installation is launched as a background process,
  5. Plesk is installed on the virtual server.

Note: In the process of installation, Plesk packages will be downloaded and installed on the server. Plesk will be installed in the unattended mode using default settings. All relevant product updates will also be downloaded and installed.