1. Obtain the installer script

    Download the installer script:

    # wget https://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer

    Enable execution mode for the downloaded installer script:

    # chmod +x ./plesk-installer
  2. Launch the installer with necessary options

    To upgrade Plesk without requiring any user input, run the installer script providing all the necessary information through the corresponding options:

    #sh ./plesk-installer upgrade <RELEASE> <OPTIONS>

The following parameters are used to define the specific Plesk release you wish to install.

Parameter Use Explanation
Product ID upgrade plesk <RELEASE> ‘plesk’ is the product ID for Plesk.
Release tier upgrade plesk stable

Specify the release tier for the Plesk release.

Upgrade to the latest available stable Plesk release:

# ./plesk-installer upgrade plesk stable

Release version upgrade plesk 17.0.17

Specify the release by the exact release version.

# ./plesk-installer upgrade plesk 17.0.17

Release ID upgrade PLESK_17_0_17

Specify the release by the release ID.

# ./plesk-installer upgrade PLESK_17_0_17

Use the list-all command to view all the available release IDs:

# ./plesk-installer list-all

To view the available installer commands, run:

# ./plesk-installer help

To view information on the extended option-based interface, run:

# ./plesk-installer --help-options

Example 1: Upgrading Plesk from default updates server

The following command performs the upgrade to the Plesk 17.0.17 release version (ID is PLESK_17_0_17) from the Plesk updates server. All Installer’s output is redirected to an XML file.

# ./plesk-installer upgrade PANEL_17_0_17 --xml

Example 2: Upgrading Plesk from a mirror

The following command upgrades Plesk to the 17.0.17 release version (ID is ‘PLESK_17_0_17’) from the mirror set up on the server ‘mirror.example.com’ available via HTTP. Upgrade files will temporarily be stored at ‘/tmp/panel’, and the upgrade status will be reported to the email ‘admin@example.com’.

# ./plesk-installer upgrade PLESK_17_0_17 --source http://mirror.example.com/ --target /tmp/panel --email admin@example.com

Example 3: Upgrading Plesk to the latest version on a number of servers

This script upgrades Plesk installed on the specified servers to the latest available version.

SERVERS_LIST="node1.example.com node2.example.com"
for current_server in $SERVERS_LIST; do
ssh -f root@$current_server 'plesk installer --select-release-latest --upgrade-installed-components --notify-email admin@example.com'