If you want to be able to upgrade to a Plesk version other than the latest stable release, you can upgrade using the interactive console. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Log in to the server via RDP.
  2. Download Plesk Installer.
  3. Launch the Windows command prompt. Change the working directory to the one in which you saved the installer binary, then run the following command:
plesk-installer.exe --console

This will launch the console in the command prompt window. If you want to upgrade to the latest preview of the upcoming release, run the following command instead:

plesk-installer.exe --console --tier testing

If you prefer to use a graphical interface during the upgrade, see the Upgrading Plesk for Windows Using Installer GUI topic.

image 76765

Read the text marked with “IMPORTANT”, then type the character N in the command prompt and hit the Enter key to proceed.

image 77339

On this screen you can do two things:

  • Change the directory to which the installer will download files (C:ParallelsInstallerparallels by default).
  • Change the source of the installation files. By default, they are downloaded from Plesk servers. However, you may want to install from a different server (for example, if you have set up a local mirror), or from the local disk (if you have downloaded the installation files beforehand).

When you are satisfied with the selected options, type N and press Enter to continue.

image 77340

If you are upgrading Plesk on a server behind an HTTP proxy, on this screen you can configure the proxy server address and, if required, username and password. Otherwise, type N and press Enter to continue.

image 77341

Next, you need to select to which version of Plesk you want to upgrade. Here you are about to upgrade to the latest Plesk release.

image 77342

If you ran the installer with the --tier testing option, you will also be able to select the latest preview of the upcoming Plesk release. Type N and press Enter to continue.

image 77343

Confirm that you wish to upgrade to proceed. Plesk installer will download the installation files for the selected Plesk version and prompt you for confirmation.

image 77344

Type F and press the Enter key to perform the upgrade.