There is a wealth of resources available to you to make your Plesk experience more enjoyable and productive. Does not matter if you need to learn more about a specific Plesk feature, want to engage with the Plesk community, or seek help with a technical issue, Plesk has got you covered.

Where to learn more about Plesk?

Plesk is a powerful platform, and comes with many different features. You will need to learn about them to operate effectively. Luckily, we have numerous resources to help you along the way.

  • Plesk Documentation Portal is the home of the official Plesk documentation. Here you can find the guides describing the day-to-day Plesk operations from the standpoint of administrator, resellers, and customers, as well as CLI and API guides, advanced administration guides, and more. Browse the online help at your leisure, or use the site-wide search feature to quickly find the topics of interest.
  • Plesk Release Notes are a treasure trove of facts and numbers. The Change Log details the fixes and improvements delivered regularly via Plesk updates, and the Software Requirements page lists the supported OSes, third-party software, and more.
  • Plesk University is the place to go for hands-on learning about Plesk. Here you will find a variety of online courses that will teach you everything you need to know to operate Plesk effectively. You can also take exams and become a certified Plesk professional.

How to get help with Plesk?

Years of diligent work made Plesk a secure and reliable platform. However, should an issue arise, we are always ready to help. Here are the resources available to you should you encounter a technical issue with Plesk or require other assistance.

  • Plesk Community Forum is where Pleskians gather to discuss the latest Plesk features, share expertise, and ask questions of community and Plesk staff. Now that you are one of us, do not be shy, create an account and say “Hi”!
  • Plesk Knowledge Base contains helpful articles devoted to the different technical issues you may encounter when operating Plesk. Most articles are laid out in the “Symptom - Cause - Resolution” format, educating you about the likely root cause of an issue as well as the way to fix it.
  • Plesk Support stands ready to assist you 24/7/365. You can contact Plesk support via chat, phone, or email with any technical or licensing questions and/or issues you may have.