There are various ways to obtain one or many Plesk product license keys depending on your present goals.

Download a free trial license key

If you wish to evaluate Plesk before purchasing, get a free trial license key from our web site. Go to, fill out the form, and you will receive your trial license by email. It enables full Plesk functionality for 14 days.

There too you will find links to the latest version Plesk installation scripts and ISO-images.

Purchase a license key through online store

When you are satisfied that Plesk is what you need, you can purchase one of the different product licenses directly from our web site. Go to, select the type of license that best fits your business profile, and proceed with purchasing.

Issue through the Partner API

When you need to quickly deploy multiple Plesk servers, you can take advantage of the automated product license management via the Partner API. See Key Administrator Partner API 3.0: Developer’s Guide for instructions.

Managing your product license keys via the Partner API gives you complete control: to issue new ones, terminate the ones that are no longer in use, etc.

Provision license keys for cloning Plesk servers

Another option for obtaining multiple product licenses on demand is to request that the new license keys are issued automatically for the new instances deployed through cloning. To make use of this option, before you begin cloning Plesk instances, please contact our sales representatives, and provide them with the range of IP addresses within which your new Plesk instances will be installed.

Note: Unlike the Partner API, in this case it is your responsibility to monitor and terminate the license keys that are no longer used.