Add Small Buttons

Small buttons look exactly the same as the tools of the list. So, if we want to add a toolbar above a table, we need to use setTools. But sometimes you may need to add a toolbar without the table itself when implementing your extension's UI. The overview page of an object featuring a toolbar with an "Edit" button is an example of such a scenario.

To add a small button to a page, you need to define it in the controller:

public function smallButtonsAction()
	$this->view->smallTools = [
			'title' => 'Button 1', 
			'description' => 'Example of link to controller and action', 
			'class' => 'sb-button1', 
			'controller' => 'custom', 
			'action' => 'form', 
			'title' => 'Button 2', 
			'description' => 'Link to extension entry point', 
			'class' => 'sb-button2', 
			'link' => pm_Context::getBaseUrl() , 

Then render it in view (small-buttons.phtml) using the pm_View_Helper_RenderSmallTools helper:

<?php echo $this->renderSmallTools($this->smallTools); ?>

Now you can visit the small-buttons action of your extension and check the result. Moreover, you can see what the button would look like on a Plesk server using a different color scheme or branding (for example, when the Skins and Color Schemes extension is installed), or what the button would look like in adaptive design on a mobile device.


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