The following table shows allowed types of objects and actions that affect objects of the specific type.

Object type Action
admin Administrator information updated
client Customer account created, updated or removed
client_ip_pool Customer’s IP pool changed
client_limit_size Maximum amount of disk space reached for a client
client_limit_traffic Maximum amount of traffic reached for a client
client_limits Customer’s limits updated
client_permissions Customer’s permissions updated
client_preferences Customer’s interface preferences updated
client_siteapp Web application is added or removed by a customer
client_status Customer’s status updated. (Status shows if a client is suspended or not)
cp_user User logged in to a Control Panel, or logged out from it
db Database created or removed
db_server Database server created, updated or removed
db_user Database user created, updated or removed
domain Subscription created, updated, or removed
domain_alias Domain alias created, updated or removed
domain_alias_dns DNS zone was updated for a domain alias
domain_dns DNS zone was updated for a domain
domain_limit_size Maximum amount of disk space reached for a subscription
domain_limit_traffic Maximum amount of traffic reached for a subscription
domain_limits Subscription limits updated
domain_owner Subscription ownership is transferred to other customer account
domain_status Subscription status updated
forwarding Forwarding created, changed, or removed
ip_address IP address created, changed, or removed
license License key updated
maillist Mailing list created, updated, or removed
mailname Mail account created, updated, or removed
phosting Physical hosting created, updated, or removed
plesk_component Plesk component upgraded (via Plesk Installer or manually)
service Service stopped, started, or restarted
session_preferences Session preferences updated
site Domain created, updated, or removed
siteapp Web application is installed, upgraded, reconfigured, or uninstalled
siteapppkg Web application package is installed, updated, or removed
subdomain Subdomain created, updated, or removed
template_admin Service plan created, updated, or removed by admin.
webuser Web user created, updated, or removed