Status indicators are used to describe in what state an object or an action is.

Inline status

Inline status indicators can be displayed in tables’ entries, in the header and in the body of a card.

image 79820

It is recommended to omit the icon in the table entries to avoid unnecessary visual accents that carry no additional information.

image 79821

Displaying the text with intent is possible.

Status badge

When it is necessary to specify a status separately from a category, a label with a badge should be used. The text on the badge should be placed with the necessary intent.

image 79822

In other cases, use the standard status indicator with an icon.

Extended status indicator

A status indicator can be an independent element of the user interface – an extended status indicator.

image 79840

Besides informing of the status this element can also contain an image (icon or logo), an explanation and a control that can launch an appropriate action.

Extended status indicators are displayed as additional information or as a widget. Such indicators can be used, for example, as parts of a system monitoring. They can also be displayed as elements that precede launching some operation or to visualize a certain situation.

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