Note: This API version is deprecated. Check out the new ISV API v2.

A third-party license file contains signed XML document. Below is the example of a license key file that contains XML code and comments:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <!-- Unique license number -->
  <core:key-number core:type="string">EXT.12345678</core:key-number>

  <!-- License version -->
  <core:key-version core:type="string">0001</core:key-version>

  <!-- Description of the license key: -->
    <!-- * Key type ID -->
    <core:keytype>Acme Tools for Plesk</core:keytype>

    <!-- * List of the features enabled for the key -->
    <core:feature>Advanced Backup</core:feature>
    <core:feature>High Availability</core:feature>

  <!-- Applicability to a certain third-party product and version -->
  <core:product core:type="string">ext-acme-tools</core:product>
  <core:version core:type="string">1.0</core:version>

  <!-- License validity timeframe and renewal information  -->
  <core:start-date core:type="date">instant</core:start-date>
  <core:expiration-date core:type="date">2016-04-12</core:expiration-date>
  <core:update-date core:type="date">2016-04-22</core:update-date>

    License body wrapped as BASE64:
    Plesk extension should recognize the body as a valid key to unlock functionality

... ... ...