Before a migration from a server with custom hosting is initiated, the hosting description file is validated for errors. Once the validation is completed, a report is displayed listing all detected issues. Here is what the validation tool output may look like:

Hosting description file 'hosting-description.json' validation failed:
- Customer 'Alex Smith': Required element 'login' is not specified
- Subscription 'alex.tld', mailbox 'a@john.tld': mailbox does not have valid domain name. Mailbox should be located under one of these domain names: 'alex.tld'
- Subscription 'jsmith.tld': source document root '/var/www/vhosts/jjsmith.tld' specified in hosting description file does not exist on the source server 'myserver' (

If there are errors, the migration is aborted so that the hosting description file can be corrected before proceeding.

What is checked

The file is validated successfully if all of the below are true:

  • The hosting description file exists and is readable.
  • The hosting description file is a valid YAML or JSON file.
  • The hosting description file structure is valid (for example, ‘login’ and ‘password’ fields are supplied for every declared customer account).
  • Certain conditions for the objects to be migrated are met (for example, every mailbox to be migrated belongs to a domain).
  • All the files and directories to be migrated are present on the file system.

Manual hosting description file validation

To validate your hosting description file without initiating a migration, run the following commands:

  • On Linux:
/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/modules/panel-migrator/plesk-migrator validate
  • On Windows:
%plesk_dir%admin/plib/modules/panel-migrator/backend/plesk-migrator.bat validate

Disabling hosting description file validation

Under specific circumstances, the validation tool may flag valid entries in the hosting description file as errors. If you believe that the data specified in the hosting description file is correct, you can skip the validation. To do so, edit the configuration file as follows:

  • To have the validation tool check for errors but display them as warnings (encountering warnings does not abort the migration), add the following line to the [GLOBAL] section:
validation-mode: warn
  • To disable the validation tool entirely, add the following line to the [GLOBAL] section:
validation-mode: skip

Known limitations

The validator tool does not check the following:

  • The correctness of domain names.
  • The format of logins for customers, systems users, database users, etc.
  • Contact name length.
  • The uniqueness of domain names, customer logins, system user logins, etc.