Similar to Plesk, it is possible to transfer hosting configurations and content from various hosting platforms to Plesk Multi Server. The procedure of migrating to Plesk Multi Server is nearly identical to migrating to Plesk with the exception of few details that are considered below.

For detailed instructions on how migrate a hosting service to a Plesk server, refer to the Migration Guide.

Plesk Provides Assistance with Migration

If you would rather have the migration process handled by Plesk professionals, you can submit a request for Professional Services. Two options are available:

  • Free Migration Assistance: Plesk staff will prepare your system for migration so that you can carry out the rest by yourself.
  • Paid Migration Service: Plesk staff will perform the entire migration for you.

Please find all the details and the request forms at the Professional Services page on our web site.

Important Differences

Load balancing

Plesk Multi Server hosts customer account and service plan information at the management node, and the subscriptions and the hosting content – at the service nodes. Therefore, all the information being transferred to Plesk Multi Server from another hosting platform will be allocated accordingly, including the distribution of subscriptions among the connected service nodes.

Reseller accounts not supported

Plesk Multi Server does not support reseller accounts. All customer accounts under resellers will be migrated to administrator, all subscriptions owned directly by resellers will be migrated to administrator. Service plans will be ignored, subscriptions will become custom.

Addon service plans not supported

Plesk Multi Server does not support addon service plans. Only the main service plans will be migrated.

IP mapping

When mapping IPs, only the type of IP address and the service node can be specified. Plesk Multi Server does not allow for selecting specific IP addresses.

Pre-migration checks

Pre-migration checks are executed after the customer accounts and subscriptions have been created and before the data are migrated.