To be able to host websites, your Plesk Multi Server installation must have at least one service node.

To add a service node to a Plesk Multi Server installation:

  1. Install Plesk Onyx on a server following the instructions in the Plesk Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  2. Perform the post-install procedures and install a license.

    Note: Use a Plesk Onyx - Web Host Edition orPlesk Onyx - Web Pro Editionlicense to operate Plesk Multi Server.

  3. Install the Plesk Multi Server add-on license (in case of bundle, it will be installed automatically with the main Plesk license). For details, refer to Plesk Multi Server Licensing.

  4. Log in to Plesk on the management node, click Nodes in the navigation pane on the left, and then click Add Node.

  5. Type in the service node’s IP address and Plesk administrator’s password, select the node status (websites are not provisioned to nodes with the Disabledstatus), and click OK.