The roadmap for delivering Plesk Multi Server features is the following:

  • Plesk Multi Server Release: released
    • Centralized user account management across a number of Plesk installations.
    • A single login point for administrator and customers.
    • Subscriptions distributed across service nodes.
    • Balancing of subscriptions during provisioning.
    • Global management of server settings (across service nodes).
    • Support for XML API.
  • Update #1: released
    • Critical bug fixes and improvements.
    • Support for migration to Multi Server.
    • Support for Command-line interface.
  • Update #2: released
    • Attaching an existing Plesk server to Multi Server.
  • Update #3:
    • Centralized DNS service on dedicated DNS servers.
  • Update #4:
    • Centralized mail service on a dedicated node.
  • Further updates:
    • Administrative balancing (moving a subscription's files between service nodes).
    • Windows platform support.
    • (Tentative) Resellers support.
    • (Tentative) Service users support.
    • (Tentative) UX improvements, especially in navigation.

History of Changes in the Roadmap

May 16, 2017

  • "Administrative balancing (moving a subscription's files between service nodes)" moved to "Further updates".
  • "Windows platform support" moved to "Further updates".

December 06, 2016

  • "Windows platform support" moved to Update #4.
  • "Service users support" moved to "Further updates".
  • "UX improvements, especially in navigation" moved to "Further updates"

November 2, 2016

  • "Support for the XML API" added to "Release"
  • "Support for Command-line interface" added to "Update #1"

October 11, 2016

  • "Support for migration to Multi Server" added to "Update #1"
  • "Windows platform support" moved from "Further Updates" to "Update #2"
  • "Centralized DNS service" moved from "Update #1" to "Update #2"
  • "Support for existing Plesk servers in Plesk Multi Server infrastructure" moved from "Update #2" to "Update #3"

September 14, 2016

  • Initial roadmap.



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