The following table describes the different statuses a service node may display.

Status Description Node participating in balancing Node participating in backsync Node participating in sync Status can be set by admin
Active Node is OK. No critical issues. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Being activated Node is becoming active. There is a service node sync task in progress right now. No No No No
Attached Connected node has subscriptions, and is inactive pending data synchronization No No Yes No
Disabled Node is disabled. No critical issues. No Yes Yes Yes
Disabling Node is becoming disabled or preparing for deletion. No No No No
Maintenance Node is undergoing maintenance. No No No Yes

Node cannot function as part of this Multi Server. May be due to one or more of the following:

  • Management node does not support XML RPC protocol for this node (e.g., following an upgrade)
  • Backsync validation detects node incompatibility (e.g., Plesk version, components list, etc.)
  • No Multi Server Product License Key on the node (e.g., following a license key update at service node)

This status is set automatically by the extension, admin can not set this status manually.

No No No No
Unavailable This status is set automatically in case the node becomes unavailable due to an error, e.g., network error, gateway timeout, etc. No Yes No No