Connecting a Working Plesk Server as a Service Node

It is possible to connect a Plesk server that is being used to a Multi Server as a service node. This could be useful for the owners of a few Plesk servers who already have a working Multi Server installation. Connecting other working Plesk servers to a Multi Server will help take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Single entry point for end users,
  • Global settings management across all servers,
  • Load balancing,
  • Easier integration with WHMCS.

The process follows these steps:

  1. Multi Server administrator attaches a Plesk server. If the system requirements are met, it appears on the list of service nodes in a special status.
  2. Multi Server checks for conflicts in accounts, subscriptions, etc. If there are conflicts, the administrator resolves them.
  3. Data are synced.
  4. New service node is activated and functioning.
  5. Alternatively, if something goes wrong, the Plesk server is detached, restored to its original state (the only exception is the names of service plans that are modified in order to avoid naming conflicts), and is functioning normally.

Before the new service node becomes active and participates in load balancing, the Plesk Multi Server add-on license must be installed on it. For instructions, refer to Plesk Multi Server Licensing.

Requirements and Limitations

Before adding a Plesk server to a Multi Server, make sure the system requirements are met:

  • Operating system must be the same,
  • Plesk version must be the same,
  • Installed components must be the same.

Detailed information on system requirements can be found here: Software Requirements for Plesk Onyx.

Additionally, certain limitations are imposed on the added Plesk server:

  • No reseller accounts,
  • No service plan add-ons,
  • No extensions that are not installed on the management node.

Finally, if the added Plesk server has one or several remote databases connected, and these databases participate in service plans, the corresponding remote database servers must be configured to allow access from the Multi Server nodes – both the management node and the service nodes.

If any of these requirements and limitations are not fulfilled, the process will be paused until the issue is resolved.

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