While in the Attached status, the service node can be disconnected and returned to the initial status as a working standalone Plesk server. This is what happens in the process:

  1. The plesk-multi-server-node extension is removed from the service node.
  2. The following data related to the service node are removed from the management node:
    1. Subscriptions,
    2. IP addresses,
    3. Customer accounts that have no related subscriptions hosted on other service nodes,
    4. All related tasks will be removed from the Tasks list except for the corresponding node disconnection task.
  3. The service node is removed from the service nodes list.

As a result, the service node will return to its original state as a standalone Plesk server, with all its data and configurations restored. The customers will again be able to access the interface directly.

Note: If the service plans have already been synched with the Multi Server, their names will remain modified.

To disconnect an attached service node, follow these steps:

  1. Select the service node you wish to detach, and click Remove.

    image 78544

  2. Confirm the action.

    You will return to the service nodes list. The service node in the process of detaching will have the status of Being deleted.

    image 78545

    Wait until the process is complete.