Installing and using extensions in Plesk Multi Server is subject to certain limitations described below.

In Plesk Multi Server, you can only install extensions on the management node. You can only install extensions from the  Extensions Catalog. You cannot upload custom extensions.

All extensions can be separated into three categories:

  • Can only operate on the management node.
  • Can only operate on service nodes.
  • Can operate both on the management and on service nodes.

When you install an extension that belongs to the second or third category, the extension is automatically installed on all service nodes as well.

You can see which extension belong to which category in the table below.

Management node only Both the management and service nodes Service nodes only

Google Authenticator


Social Login

Social Authorization

Plesk Migrator


Acronis Backup

API Explorer

Atomic Secured Linux

Broadcast Message

Opsani VCTR reliability and vulnerability scanner

Export lists to CSV

Help Center



Locales Manager

My Good Client

Nimbusec Website Security Monitor & Abuse Process Automation

Panel.ini Editor

Plesk News

Rich Editor

Keychain for API Secret Keys

Syslog Watch

All other extensions.

Note: Regardless of the extension type, to install a paid extension, you need to buy one license for the management node and one license per each service node. For example, to install a paid extension on Plesk Multi Server with five service nodes, you need to buy six licenses.