To deploy Plesk Multi Server on the management node:

  1. Install Plesk Onyx on a server following the instructions in the Plesk Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  2. Perform the post-install procedures and install a license.

    Note: Use a Plesk Onyx - Web Host Edition or Plesk Onyx - Web Pro Edition license to operate Plesk Multi Server.

  3. Install the Plesk Multi Server add-on license (in case of bundle, it will be automatically installed with main Plesk license). For details, refer to Plesk Multi Server Licensing.

  4. Log in to Plesk, go to Extensions > Extensions Catalog, find the extension Plesk Multi Server and install it.

    Alternatively, you can install Plesk Multi Server via the command line:

plesk bin extension --install plesk-multi-server