WHMCS is a billing system designed specifically for web hosting vendors. Plesk Multi Server and WHMCS can be integrated to work together.

For more information about WHMCS, see https://www.whmcs.com/.

Installing WHMCS for integration with Plesk Multi Server

While an out-of-the-box installation of WHMCS natively supports working with Plesk servers, a special provisioning module needs to be installed additionally to facilitate working with Plesk Multi Server. This section explains how to properly install WHMCS and the Provisioning Module.

  1. Install WHMCS

    WHMCS installation instructions can be found here: http://docs.whmcs.com/Installing_WHMCS

  2. Download the WHMCS Plesk Multi Server Provisioning Module

    Go to WHMCS Marketplace at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2606 and download the Provisioning Module for Plesk Multi Server, it is distributed in the form of an archive file.

  3. Add the Provisioning Module to WHMC

    1. Locate the folder <WHMCS-root-directory>/modules/servers/
    2. There, create the folder pleskMultiServer/
    3. Unpack the Provisioning Module to the new folder <WHMCS-root-directory>/modules/servers/pleskMultiServer/

When done, WHMCS will be installed on the server and, with the help of the Provisioning Module, will be capable of working with subscriptions deployed across multiple service nodes of Plesk Multi Server.

Configuring WHMCS

Before WHMCS can be used with Plesk Multi Server, it needs to have information about the management node and the existing subscriptions.

  1. Set up the management node as a server in WHMCS

    In the case of Plesk Multi Server, WHMCS only needs to connect to the management node. All information and instructions will go through it. For instructions on setting up a new server in WHMCS, see Setting Up a Setting Up a Plesk Server.

    Note: Make sure to tick the “Secure” checkbox to enable SSL connection.

  2. Set up hosting packages

    All subscriptions that are to be managed via WHMCS must be registered in WHMCS. For instructions on setting up packages, see Setting Up a Plesk Package.

Now, WHMCS is configured to work with Plesk Multi Server.