To view the IP addresses included in your hosting package, go to Tools & Utilities > IP Addresses.

image 76976

Your IP addresses are listed and the following supplementary information is given:

  • An icon in the S (Status) column shows image 75123 if your IP address is properly configured on the network interface. If your IP address was removed from the network interface by your provider, an icon will show image 62126.gif.

  • An icon in the T (Type) column shows image 62128.gif if you were allotted a dedicated IP address, and image 75124 if the address is shared among other customers of your service provider. A dedicated IP address is not used by other users, so you can use it to host either:

    • A single e-commerce website secured with Secure Sockets Layer encryption.


    • A number of websites that do not need Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

      Note: Shared IP addresses should be used for hosting only non e-commerce websites.

  • The Certificate column shows which SSL/TLS certificate (for what domain name) is tied to an IP address.

  • The FTP over SSL/TLS column (on Windows-based servers) shows whether it is possible to use secure FTP connection (FTP over SSL/TLS) on one of the domains hosted on this IP address.

  • The Hosting column shows a number of websites hosted on an IP address. To view the domain names of these websites, click the number in the Hosting column.

You can perform the following operations on IP addresses:

  • Change IP allocation type. You can mark your IP addresses as shared or dedicated before you use them for hosting websites. This allows Plesk to distinguish between them and to not let you use a dedicated IP address for several customers at once. A dedicated IP address can be used in subscriptions of a single customer, while a shared IP address can be shared among different customers’ subscriptions. Note that SSL/TLS protection with authentic digital certificates and Anonymous FTP services are available only to a dedicated hosting account on a dedicated IP address. Shared hosting accounts can also have SSL/TLS protection, but visitors of such protected sites will receive error messages in their browsers.
  • Assign an SSL/TLS certificate to an IP address. This will assign the selected SSL/TLS certificate to all websites hosted on that IP address.
  • Select a default website. Because users can refer to a web resource on your server by typing an IP address and there can be several websites hosted on that address, Plesk needs to know which of the sites to show in such cases. Plesk automatically assigns the first website created on an IP address as the default website; however, you can select any other website and make it default.

To change an IP address allocation type (shared, dedicated), assign another SSL/TLS certificate to an IP address, or select the default website:

  1. Go to Tools & Utilities > IP Addresses, and click the IP address you need.
  2. Make the required changes, and click OK.