Running Plesk Behind a Router with NAT

Starting with version 12.5, Plesk administrators have the ability to match private IP addresses on Plesk servers behind NAT to the corresponding public IP addresses. This way, instead of private IP addresses, the corresponding public IP addresses are displayed in the Plesk interface, making the existence of NAT transparent to customers and resellers.

To match a public IP address to a private one, go to Tools & Settings > IP Addresses, click the IP address which you want to match to a public one, and type in the corresponding public IP address in the Public IP address field.

After matching public IP addresses to private ones, run the plesk repair dns command, as described here, to re-map all A records in the DNS zones of all existing domains to the correct IP address. DNS zones of newly created domains will be created with the A records pointing to the correct (public) IP address from the start.