DNS Zones for Subdomains

Plesk allows each subdomain to have its own DNS zone. These subdomain zones are useful if you wish to specify a custom name server for a particular subdomain or shorten the number of domain DNS records by rearranging them to subordinate zones. Generally speaking, subdomain DNS zones bring all domain DNS features to the subdomain level.

By default, Plesk does not create separate DNS zones for subdomains. However, if you wish to try out this feature, use the following command-line call:

server_pref u subdomain-dns-zone own

To turn this feature off, use:

server_pref u subdomain-dns-zone parent

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Note: The default behavior in 10.4 versions before MU#9 was to create subdomain DNS zones. If you apply Update #9 to 10.4, the feature will remain active. Otherwise, the default behavior will be not to create the separate zones.

When subdomain zones are off, customers modify the parent domain's DNS zone by toggling Plesk control over a particular subdomain zone. In fact, when they go to Websites & Domains > <domain_name> > DNS Settings > Enable/Disable, the following situations are possible.


Has no effect on the DNS zone of a parent domain.



A new DNS zone is created for the subdomain, and all DNS records corresponding to this subdomain are removed from the parent domain's DNS zone.

Only A and AAAA records corresponding to this subdomain are added to the parent domain's DNS zone.