Logs and Statistics

These parameters (located at Service Plans > select a plan > Logs & Statistics tab) define how statistics and logs of a subscription should be stored.

Note: These settings in subscriptions are not synchronized with service plans.


Retain web and traffic statistics

Sets a period (in months) for which reports on the subscription's web statistics (generated by the selected web statistics component) and traffic statistics (generated by Plesk) should be available.

Note: The setting Retain web and traffic statistics is not changed in subscriptions when you update it for a service plan. The only way to update this setting for each domain is changing it in the Plesk database. See https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213928565 for details.

Log rotation

Enables automatic cleanup and recycling of web server log files. You can also switch on compression of processed log files and sending them to a specific email address.


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