DomainKeys Protection

Enabling DomainKeys Protection on the Server

To enable DomainKeys spam protection on your server, go to Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings (in the Mail group) and scroll down to the DomainKeys spam protection section. The two options found there enable you to manage DomainKeys on your server:

  • Allow signing outgoing mail. This enables customers to switch on the DomainKeys signing of outgoing email on a per-domain basis. It does not automatically enable signing of outgoing email messages.
  • Verify incoming mail. This enables DomainKeys checking for all incoming email. Messages sent from domains supporting DomainKeys signing are checked and, if the check fails, marked with the DomainKey-Status: 'bad' header. Messages sent from domains that do not support DomainKeys are accepted without being checked.

Note that both options can be selected independently of each other. You can choose to enable signing of outgoing email, checking of incoming email, or both. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the chosen options and click OK.

Enabling DomainKeys Email Signing for a Domain

To enable DomainKeys signing of outgoing email for an individual domain, open the corresponding subscription for managing, go to Websites & Domains > Mail Settings, select the Use DomainKeys spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages checkbox and click OK.

Note: DomainKeys signing will function only for domains that use the Plesk DNS server.