Managing Plesk from Mobile Devices

If you need to manage Plesk right from your mobile device, take advantage of the following mobile applications:

  • Plesk Manager for iOS and Windows Phone. It allows you to keep pulse on Plesk 12.5 server indicators and to take immediate actions on Plesk servers right from your mobile device.
  • Plesk Mobile for Android. This application additionally gives Plesk administrators and their customers mobile access to management of their domains.

This section describes the features of these apps, their installation, and usage instructions.

Note: Plesk Mobile and Plesk Manager do not require any additional licensing starting from version 12.0. However, if you upgrade from an earlier version, and want to use Plesk Manager on iOS, you need a license including Plesk Power Pack add-on.

Application Features

Plesk Manager gives administrators control over core Plesk administration functions. With Plesk Manager, administrators can:

  • View a list of services on a particular server.
  • Stop and start services on a particular server.
  • Restart a server.
  • Subscribe to Plesk events and unsubscribe from them.
  • Receive server health-related events, for example, disk space shortage.
  • View information about a server: OS, CPU, Plesk version, container ID (if Plesk is used in a Virtuozzo container).
  • View vital indicators of a server health: CPU load average, memory consumption, swap usage, disk usage, uptime.
  • View data transfer information: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and so on.
  • Authenticate themselves by a secret key.
  • Roll back and retrieve a Plesk license key.
  • Change administrator password.
  • View Plesk access and error logs.
  • Restrict administrative access to Plesk for a particular IP address.
  • Open Plesk in embedded web view.

Plesk Mobile incorporates the features of Plesk Manager and, additionally allows administrators and their customers a number of domain management functions listed below.

  • Quickly make changes to your site using the File Manager.
  • Manage your domains transparently navigating Plesk interface.
  • Add quick links for your favorite or most often used features.
Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Plesk Manager is supported on iOS and Windows Phone; Plesk Mobile is supported on Android. Use the following links to download the apps from the respective app stores.

Operating System and Devices Plesk Mobile Plesk Manager

Windows Phone 8.1 or later +compatible devices

iOS 4.0 or later + compatible devices

Android 2.2 or later + compatible devices


Configuring Plesk to Work with Mobile Apps

To interact with Plesk Manager or Plesk Mobile , Plesk uses the Plesk Mobile Center extension. Plesk installs this extension automatically after you try to connect the apps to your Plesk server. You can also install the extension from Extensions > Extensions Catalog > Plesk Mobile Center. The Plesk Mobile Center extension accepts requests from mobile apps to the Plesk server, processes them, and sends responses back to the mobile apps.

The extension writes information about its activities and problems to its own log file. The log file location on the Plesk server is the following (the same path for Linux and Windows):

%plesk_dir%/var/modules/plesk-mobile/MobileConnector.log, where %plesk_dir% is the path to the Plesk installation directory.

There are three types of log entries:

  • Notices - general information that may be useful for troubleshooting, for example, updating the extension database.
  • Warnings - information about the events that may cause problems but the system resolves them automatically. For example, if the extension's configuration file is unavailable, the system will create a file automatically and add the corresponding warning message to the log.
  • Errors - information about failure of certain operations, for example, when the extension fails to deliver a response to the mobile app because the mobile device is unavailable.

On the Plesk Mobile Center page (Extensions > Plesk Mobile Center), you can define the following settings:

  • Log level - The verbosity of the extension log. Once you choose a certain level, the extension will write entries of the selected type and entries with higher severity as well. For example, if you choose the Warning log level, the log will contain warnings and errors. The Off level turns off logging.
  • Push notifications - If you use Plesk Manager on iOS or Plesk Mobile on Android, you can configure Plesk to send push notifications to your device. Such notifications enable your device to inform you about important events on a Plesk server by showing alert messages when the apps are not running in foreground. Note that to accept push notifications, you should switch on the corresponding option in your mobile apps as well.