Plesk Repair Utility: FTP

Using the Plesk repair utility with the ftp aspect checks the system users and their directories for consistency. The following options are specific to this aspect:

  • -sys-users - Checks the consistency of system users (Linux only).
  • -host-name - Checks that the host name does not exceed 15 symbols in length (Windows only).
  • -root-dir - Checks that the FTP root path does not contain any "space" characters and exists on the file system (Windows only).
  • -domains-resolving - Checks that domain names resolve to the appropriate IP addresses (Windows only).
  • -home-dir - Checks the home directories of additional FTP users (Windows only).
  • -junctions - Checks that FTP home junctions exist and point to the home directories of corresponding users (Windows only).


plesk repair ftp - Check the system users and their directories for consistency.


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