Setting Up Help Desk

To allow your customers to submit problem reports through Customer Panel, you can do the following:

  1. Set up a subscription for hosting your corporate website.
  2. Install on your site the application osTicket 1.6 or later from Application Catalog. Among available free solutions, osTicket is considered the best for its ease of use and feature set. For information about osTicket, visit their website at

To set up a subscription for hosting your own website:

  1. In Server Administration Panel, click the Subscriptions link in the navigation pane, under the Hosting Services group.
  2. Click Add Subscription.
  3. Type the domain name of your corporate site, for example
  4. Select IP address.
  5. Type the username and password that you will use for connecting to the webspace over FTP and managing files.
  6. In the Service plan menu, select Unlimited to allow your site to consume unlimited amounts of resources.
  7. Click OK.

Next time you log in to Server Administration Panel, the Install Help Desk link will appear in the navigation pane. You can use it to install osTicket on your website.

If you want to start installation immediately, without logging out and then logging in again:

  1. Click the link Customer Panel next to your site's domain name. Customer Panel will open in a new browser window or tab.
  2. Go to the Applications section > All Available Applications.
  3. In the Application search box, type osTicket and click Search.
  4. Click Install.

Once installation is finished, the credentials for logging in to the system and links to entry points to the service are presented on the screen. To enable your users to submit requests to the help desk from Plesk, you can add a custom button to Plesk and configure it to be shown in the users' control panels.

To learn about how to add custom buttons, refer to the section Adding and Removing Custom Buttons.