Hosting Features Available for Your Websites

Depending on your service plan, the following hosting features may be available for your websites (listed at the Account > Hosting Options tab):

  • SSL support. This allows you to secure connections to websites with SSL encryption.

    For information about securing sites with SSL, refer to the section Securing Connections with SSL Certificates.

  • Web statistics. This allows you to view website visits statistics presented in diagrams and charts.

    For information about viewing website visits statistics, refer to the section Viewing Statistics.

  • Custom error documents. This allows you to create custom HTML pages and configure web server to show them instead of typical error messages, such as 404 Not Found.

    For information about setting up custom error documents, refer to the section Setting Up Custom Error Pages.

  • Support for programming and scripting languages, such as PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, SSI.
  • Dedicated IIS application pool (Windows). This option provides isolation and improved stability for web applications working on sites.
  • Additional write/modify permissions (Windows). This option allows web applications to use a file-based database (like Jet) located in the root of the httpdocs or httpsdocs folder.
  • Allow web users to use scripts. This allows scripting at web pages available at URLs like<username>/<webpage>, where <username> refers to a web user. Web users are individuals who do not need their own domain names. This service is popular with educational institutions that host non-commercial personal pages of their students and staff.



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