Customizing the Functionality of Presence Builder

This chapter describes how to change the behavior of certain user interface elements and how to make certain functions of the Presence Builder editor unavailable to customers. In particular, it explains how to perform the following tasks:

  • Prohibit your customers from removing their sites from the editor. You can do this by removing the Remove Site button.
  • Make the following modules unavailable in the editor: Embedded Video, Image Gallery, Image Slider, Blog, Online Store, Shopping Cart, Map, Commenting, Contact Form, Social Sharing, Advertisement, Search, Navigation, Breadcrumbs, Banner, Site Logo, and Script.
  • Remove the option for images stored externally at Google Picasa to be used in image galleries.
  • Make the functionality for importing sites from SiteBuilder 4.5 unavailable.
  • Expand the library of website banner images that are available to customers.
  • Expand the library of design templates that are available to customers.
  • Enable your customers to request technical assistance. This can be done by adding a special button to the editor.
  • Enable your customers to submit feedback. This can be done by adding a special button to the editor.
  • Remove the option to publish a copy of a website on Facebook.
  • Configure the editor to remove published sites from hosting accounts when users click the Remove Site button in the editor.

In this chapter:

Prohibiting Users from Removing Their Sites

Making Modules Unavailable in the Editor

Making the Google Picasa Storage Unavailable for Use in Image Galleries

Making the Site Import Functionality Unavailable

Adding Custom Banner Images

Adding Custom Design Templates

Adding the Support Button

Adding the Link for Sending Feedback

Removing the Option to Add a Site Copy to Facebook

Removing Sites from Hosting Accounts