4. $VAR->ipAddress->

4. $VAR->ipAddress->

The content of $VAR->ipAddress is defined by the value of the ipAddressId key in $metainfo.

  • $VAR->ipAddress->id

    ID of the IP address; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->address

    IP address; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->sslCertificate->ce

    SSL certificate file content; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->sslCertificate->ca

    CA certificate file content; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->sslCertificate->ceFilePath

    The full path to the certificate file; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->sslCertificate->caFilePath

    The full path to the CA certificate file; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->defaultDomainId

    ID of the domain set as default for the IP address; string

  • $VAR->ipAddress->hostedDomains

    List of domains hosted on the IP address; array with elements $VAR->domain


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