Conflicts Resolution

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <policy />

    <rule conflict-id="0">
        <node name="domain">
          <attribute name="id" value="25"></attribute>
          <attribute name="guid" value="0822c175-a10d-459e-bd3a-e5cbc497e1f0"></attribute>
          <attribute name="owner-guid" value="93dbe1b1-cff5-430f-8466-5b810099772f"></attribute>
          <attribute name="name" value=""></attribute>

<span class="prefgrey">      <!-- beginning of the conflict resolution definition: IP mapping: upon restore, the conflicting domain should have hosting configured on IP --></span>
        <rename new-name="ip-type:shared:ip-address:"/>
<span class="prefgrey">      <!-- end of the conflict resolution definition --></span>


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