Registration of an Additional Service


 * Sample code to register an additional service in
 * Plesk 10.1 and above.

 * Use the following instructions to initialize the Plesk PHP
 * environment when running command-line PHP script with sw-engine-pleskrun
 * utility. On Linux OSes, it resides in /usr/local/psa/bin/.
 * For Windows servers, use the following command to run the registration script.
 * "%plesk_bin%\php.exe" -d auto_prepend_file="" "<ABSOLUTE-PATH-TO-SCRIPT>"
 * Comment the following two lines if you run the PHP script through the Plesk
 * web interface.

 * The following code registers the service that was
 * implemented with the servicedir_servicefile class. This class must
 * be available for autoloading from Plesk.

    new servicedir_servicefile(),

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