Calculating Statistics on Demand

During installation of Plesk, several scheduled tasks are automatically created. One of such tasks, statistics, collects statistical information about resources used by sites, such as inbound and outbound traffic, disk space occupied by web content, log files, databases, mailboxes, web applications, mailing list archives, and backup files.

You can adjust which data the statistics task should count and run the statistics calculation on demand. To do this, run the statistics task with a necessary combination of options specifying the parts of statistics you want to collect.

To run the statistics task with required options, follow these steps:

  1. Using Remote Desktop, log in as administrator to the Panel-managed server.
  2. Start cmd.exe.
  3. Change directory to %plesk_dir%\admin\bin (where %plesk_dir% is the system variable defining the folder where Plesk is installed).
  4. Run the statistics.exe task with required options. See the list of options and their descriptions in the tables below.

    For example, to calculate statistics in the mode that will skip all FTP logs, you can use the following command:

    statistics.exe --http-traffic --disk-usage --mailbox-usage --mail-traffic --notify --update-actions

The resource usage information kept in the Panel's database and shown in reports in Panel will be updated with the new data.

Main options

Each main option defines the part of statistics to be calculated. When only main options are used, the specified statistics will be collected for all subscriptions and sites.

Option Description


Disk usage will be calculated for all mailboxes.


Disk usage for domains and all mailboxes will be calculated.


HTTP traffic will be calculated.


FTP traffic will be calculated.


Mail traffic will be calculated.

Note: Panel does not support traffic calculation on hMail and CommunigatePro mail servers.


Traffic usage statistics will be updated and the due subscription expiration notices will be sent to subscription owners.


Action log will be rotated and action events will be launched.


This option is the combination of all previous options, the complete statistics will be collected.


This option calculates spam and antivirus statistics.


When no options are specified, the complete statistics will be collected, like in the case when the --all option is selected.

Additional options

Additional options allow you to specify the set of domain names for which statistics will be calculated. Domain names or masks specified in these options should be separated by the ',' or ';' symbol. You may combine additional options and use them without main options. If you use additional options without main ones, complete statistics will be calculated only for selected domain names. Domains specified directly have higher priority than those specified by masks. Also, the 'skip' list has higher priority than the 'process' list.

Option Description


Only domain names specified in this option will be processed.


Only domain names corresponding to the mask specified in this option will be processed.

When this options is used and there are no domain names corresponding to the specified mask, all domains will be processed.


Domains specified by this option will not be processed.


Domains corresponding to the mask specified by this option will not be processed.


The expiration notification will be sent only to the specified website owner owner.


The utility outputs more details in statistics reports.