Possible EntryFlag Attribute Values

Note: Several flags can be combined together.

EntryFlags value Description


Allow access for the user account. This is the default value.


Deny access for the user account.


Applies the security rule to all parent containers in the object's path.


Breaks DACL inheritance from parent containers, erases existing ACEs, and creates new ACEs in the object's DACL based on the security rules found in the security metadata files.


Enables Plesk to proceed with applying other security rules to other objects even if an error occurs while applying a security rule carrying this flag.


Blocks propagation of the security rule to child objects of the specified folder.


Instructs Plesk to cancel applying any Plesk security rules to the specified folder.


Enables creation of absent folders.


Enables application of the security rule only to files contained in the specified folder, but not to the folder itself. Requires that an object path specified by the Path attribute includes a file mask.


Enables strict enforcing of access masks specified by the security rule. If the flag is not included in the rule, extra access permissions that already exist are left intact.