Step 1: Creating a Site in Presence Builder

To create a site:

  1. Log in to the Presence Builder editor.
  2. Select a site topic that you want to use as a basis for your custom topic.
  3. In the Prefill Your Website dialog, do not enter any information. If it is prefilled, delete it.
  4. Click Create Site.
  5. Edit the design and content of the site as desired:
    • Add, edit, or remove pages, and change their order.
    • Add text, images, scripts, and other useful functions provided by modules.

      Note: You should insert only the following modules: Text and Images, Contact Form, Blog, Embedded Video, Comments, and Social Sharing. When inserting the modules, be sure to add them to the page-specific areas.

      All other modules, including those inserted into site-wide areas, will not be saved in a snapshot, and therefore, will not be available in the site topic. Other items that cannot be saved in a snapshot are documents uploaded through the Document Manager and the site ownership verification file.

    • Change the layout and colors of the site elements.
    • When adding or editing text in the topic, you can use the following placeholders: %%companyName%%, %%address%%,  %%city%%, %%country%%, %%phone%%, %%email%%.

If you need assistance with the Presence Builder editor, open the User’s Guide by clicking Help > Open User’s Guide.

When your site topic is ready, save it to a snapshot as described in the following section.


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