Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a set of command-line utilities that enable administrators to manage Plesk server configuration, reseller and customer accounts, websites, and various services. The utilities can also be used for integration with third-party software.


By default, the utilities are located in the following server directories:

  • (On Linux servers) /usr/local/psa/bin
  • (On Windows servers) C:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\bin

    Note: For convenience, the CLI directory is defined by the Windows environment variable %plesk_cli%. You can use it as an alternative to the absolute path.


Each utility has its own application scope. For example, the dns utility is responsible for DNS zones, while the database utility lets you manage databases and DB user accounts. The functions carried out by utilities are reflected in their syntax.

For example, this call creates a customer account with the john username and the mypass password in a Linux server.

/usr/local/psa/bin/customer --create john -passwd mypass

To find what operations and options each utility provides, call the utility with the --help option or find more details in the CLI documentation. Complete information about CLI is available in two separate documents, for Windows and for Linux operating systems. The documents are called Plesk 12.5 Command Line Reference (Windows) and Plesk 12.5 Command Line Reference (Linux) respectively.