Plesk Notifications

In the Plesk hosting model, you can ship service plans with third-party services. These services are called additional services. For example, if you have a service that performs custom mail filtering, Plesk lets you offer this service with, say, the Silver hosting plan, while it is not offered with others.


Some additional services require information about instances of service plans - subscriptions and dependent objects (sites, email accounts). If your service needs information about changes in these objects, register it in the Plesk Notifications service (PN).

Note: Events that PN maintains are beyond the scope of event handlers.

PN works in a similar way to event handlers: You register your service as a PHP class, and Plesk runs appropriate methods of this class when one of the events (maintained by the service) happens. The service maintains the following objects and actions upon them.

Objects: subscription, site, email account.

Actions: create, modify, remove.

After each action, PN offers these details about current object properties.

Object Details


status, GUID


status, name, GUID

email account

email address

Note: If you need further details about these objects, use an appropriate XML API or CLI call to receive them.

How to get started using PN

To prepare a service for registration with PN, you should implement the appropriate PHP interface run an appropriate Plesk call. The details of these operations are too technical to describe in this overview guide. To learn more about PN and service registration, refer to the Advanced Administration Guide for Plesk for Linux.