Managing Customer Accounts

Operator: <customer>

XML Schema: client_input.xsd, client_output.xsd, plesk_client.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 10 and later

XML API version:

Plesk user: Administrator, reseller


The hierarchy of Plesk users includes resellers, customers, and auxiliary users enumerated in the descending level order. Customers host their own sites and do not resell hosting services. Creating a customer is equivalent to creating a special account that presents customer's personal data and financial details (revenue, outstanding invoices, paid invoices, etc.) displayed in Control Panel.


Supported operations

  • ADD creates new customer account to Plesk database.
  • GET retrieves the information about the specified customer accounts from Plesk database.
  • DEL deletes the specified customer accounts from Plesk database.
  • SET updates/ modifies certain information about the specified customer accounts in Plesk database.
  • SET-BILLING-INFO set financial information for given customer accounts.
  • CONVERT-TO-RESELLER upgrades customer accounts to reseller accounts.
  • CHANGE-OWNER transfers customer accounts to a new owner (provider).
  • GET-DOMAIN-LIST retrieves information about all the customer's domains.

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