Log Rotation Settings

The settings are defined by type LogRotationSettingsType (logrotation.xsd). The graphical representation of the type is as follows:

  • The log-rotation node is required. specifies log limits. On achieving a limit the log file is removed and new log file is started. Data type: LogRotationConditionType (logrotation.xsd)
    • The log-bysize node is required. It specifies maximum size of a log file in bytes. Data type: integer.
    • The log-bytime node is required. It specifies interval of logging. Data type: string. Allowed values: Daily | Weekly | Monthly
  • The log-max-num-files node is optional. It specifies how many processed by statistical utilities log files are stored on the server. Data type: integer.
  • The log-compress node is optional. It specifies if log files are compressed. Data type: boolean.
  • The log-email node is optional. It specifies e-mail address on which processed log files will be sent. Data type: string.

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