Managing Plesk License

Plesk license determines

  • What Plesk functionality is available when using a particular Plesk instance
  • How many Plesk logical objects (Customer accounts, Domain accounts, mailboxes, web users, etc.) can be created in a particular Plesk instance


Plesk Administrator has full set of privileges required for managing Plesk license. The following operations are available via Plesk XML API protocol:

  • Retrieving information on the currently installed Plesk license key
  • Installing new license key
  • Reverting to a previously used license key
  • Installing additional keys (required for Plesk add-ons) linked with the Plesk license key
  • Retrieving additional keys installed on the server

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Retrieving License Key

Retrieving Additional License Keys

Installing License Key

Installing Additional License Keys

Reverting to Previous License Key


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