Subscription Statuses and Associated Plans

The get operation applied to subscriptions returns their lock and sync statuses if the operation packet contains the subscriptions node. In addition, such requests will return plans and add-ons associated with each subscription. The subscriptions node that stores all these details is specified by complex type SubscriptionsList (plesk_domain.xsd). This type is structured as follows:


  • The subscription node is optional. It nests the data about statuses and the plans. Data type: none.
  • The locked node is required. It holds the subscription lock status. In other words, it tells whether a subscription is not updated on associated service plan updates. Data type: string.
  • The synchronized node is required. It specified whether a subscription is synced with the Panel components (for example, Business Manager). Data type: string.
  • The plan-guid node is optional. It specifies the GUID of an add-on plan that will be added to the subscription. Data type: string.
  • The plan-external-id node is optional. It specifies the ID of a service plan in the Panel components (for example, Business Manager). Data type: string.

The following snippet illustrates how this structure appears in packets:


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