Updating Traffic Usage Statistics

If the traffic usage is calculated on a site by statistics facilities of the Panel, this data is added to the system automatically. If this data is gathered using some external statistics means, the set_traffic operation can help manually update these data.

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Request Packet Structure

Response Packet Structure



Request Packet Structure

A request XML packet that sets traffic data for a certain site should include the set_traffic operation node:



The set_traffic node does not have a separate type, it is nested within the complex type (site.xsd). The set_traffic node has the following graphics representation:


  • dom_id, required

    It identifies a site whose traffic settings are set. Data type: integer.

  • date, required

    It specifies the date for which the traffic data is set. Data type: date. Format: YYYY-MM-DD.

  • smtp_in, required

    It specifies the incoming traffic (in bytes) got via SMTP protocol. Data type: integer.

  • smtp_out, required

    It is used to show the outgoing SMTP traffic (in bytes). Data type: integer.

  • pop3_imap_in, required

    It specifies the incoming traffic (in bytes) got via POP3 and IMAP protocols. Data type: integer.

  • pop3_imap_out, required

    It is used to show the outgoing POP3/IMAP traffic (in bytes). Data type: integer.

Important: When creating request packets, put nodes and elements in the order they follow in the packet structure.


Response Packet Structure

The set_traffic node of the response packet is structured as follows:


  • result, optional

    It wraps the result of the requested operation. It can be missing if some error occurs before the validation starts. Data type: resultType (common.xsd).

  • status, required

    It returns the execution status of the operation. Data type: string. Allowed values: ok | error.

  • errcode, optional

    Is used to return an error code when the operation fails. Data type: unsignedInt.

  • errtext, optional

    Can be used to return an error message if the operation fails. Data type: string.

  • id, optional

    Returns the identifier of the site whose traffic is set. It is missing if the request packet fails before the validation on the server side. Data type: integer.




To set traffic information for the specified site, use the following packet:

<packet version="">


<packet version="">

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