autoresponder.exe: Mail Autoresponders

The autoresponder.exe utility is used to manage mail autoresponders. By using this utility, you can perform the following tasks:

  • creating/deleting autoresponders
  • enabling/disabling autoresponders
  • editing autoresponder settings
  • managing autoresponder attachment files
  • managing automatic reply message parameters


autoresponder.exe <command> <e-mail address> [
<option_1> [<param>]
[<option_2> [<param>]]
... [<option_N> [<param>]]


The following command creates and enables autoresponder named AutoReply for Plesk mail account, sets the text to "Thank you for your inquiry. The application form is attached." and the subject line to "application form" for the automatic reply message, attached to the message file applicationform.txt from the autoresponders attachment file repository.

autoresponder.exe --update -mail -status true -attach add:"applicationform.txt" -subject "application form" -text "Thank you for your inquiry. The application form is attached."

Command Parameter Description Example

--update or -u


Changes autoresponder settings.

Requires -mail option.

To reply to mail messages received by using autoresponder with the Automatic Reply Message subject:

autoresponder.exe --update -mail -subject "An autoreply message"


autoresponder.exe -u -mail -subject "Automatic Reply Message"

--info or -i


Displays information about a mail autoresponder.

Requires -mail option.

To view information about autoresponder for the mail account

autoresponder.exe --info -mail


autoresponder.exe -i -mail

--help or -h


Displays help on the utility usage.

To view help on the use of the autoresponder utility:

autoresponder.exe --help


autoresponder.exe -h

Option Parameter Description Example



Specifies a mail account for which an autoresponder is created.

Required with --update and --info commands.

To create mail autoresponder for

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -status true



Enables/Disables an autoresponder.

Is false by default.

To enable autoresponder for

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -status true



Specifies the subject line of the automatic reply message for an autoresponder.

Is Re:<incoming_message_subject> by default.

To reply to mail messages received by using autoresponder with the Help information subject:

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -subject "Help information"



Specifies autoresponder's automatic reply message body text.

To set the automatic reply message body text for the autoresponder for to "Thank you for your inquiry.":

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -text "Thank you for your inquiry."



Specifies an e-mail address to which incoming mail will be forwarded.


To forward all incoming mail for autoresponder associated with to

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -redirect



Specifies the format of an autoresponder's automatic reply message.

To send automatic reply messages in the HTML format by using autoresponder for

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -format html



Specifies the charset used to encode autoresponder's automatic reply messages.

To use the UTF-8 charset to encode automatic reply messages of the autoresponder for

> autoresponder.exe -u -mail -charset UTF-8


add|del:<file_name>[,<file_name_1>,...,<file name_N>]

Adds/Removes attached files to/from autoresponder's automatic reply message.

Only files that are already added (with the help of the --attachments command) to the Plesk mail account's attachment files repository can be added to the autoresponder's attachments.

Used with the --create and --update commands only.

To add files sampleschedule.txt and applicationform.txt from the attachment files repository to the autoresponder for

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -attach add:sampleschedule.txt,applicationform.txt



Specifies the maximum number of automatic responses to a unique email address per day.

To send no more than 5 emails in a day in response to all emails sent to from any unique email address:

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -frq 5



Specifies the autoresponder end date.

To set the end date of the autoresponder for the mail account to December 31st, 2015:

autoresponder.exe -u -mail -end-date 2015-12-31