locales.exe: Plesk Locales

The locales utility is used for managing the locales in Plesk.



locales.exe <command> [<locale_code>]


The following command sets the en-US locale as the default one.

locales.exe --set-default en-US
Command Parameter Description Example


<locale code>

Sets the specified locale as the default locale.

To set the en-US locale as the default one:

locales.exe --set-default en-US


<locale code>

Enables the specified locale.

To enable the en-US locale:

locales.exe --enable en-US


<locale code>

Disables the locale.

To disable the en-US locale:

locales.exe --disable en-US

--list or -l


Shows the list of available locales.

To see the list of available locales:

locales.exe -l



Shows information about locales.

To see the current status of all available locales:

locales.exe --status

--help or -h


Displays this help page.

To see the help page:

locales.exe -h


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