Uploading and Downloading Backup Files

Downloading Backup Files from Plesk

To download a backup file from the Plesk's storage, choose the corresponding backup file name in Account > Back Up Websites and click the arrow on the right. Alternatively, use Websites & Domains > Backup Manager.

Before starting the download, Plesk will prompt you to enter the backup password. If you did not use password protection, clear the checkbox Use password protection and click OK to download the backup.  

Uploading Backup Files to Plesk

To upload a backup file to the Plesk's storage, use Account > Back Up My Websites > Upload wizard. Before starting the upload, Plesk will prompt you to enter the following backup parameters:

  • Backup file location.
  • Password.
    This is the password that you used for protecting the backup data. If you did not use password-protection, leave the corresponding field blank.

    Note: If the password you provide is incorrect, Plesk will warn you, but will upload the backup to the server anyway. During the backup restoration, you will be prompted to enter the password again.

Removing Backup Files

To remove a backup file from the Plesk's storage, select a checkbox corresponding to the backup file you want to remove in Account > Back Up My Websites and click Remove.


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